Friday, July 22, 2005

Cherry-poppin' Fun

Here it is... the very first one. I know nothing of the world of blogging. Only that I have a LOT to say, and this seems like a good place to start. It's better than writing in a journal and risking my husband finding it! My husband can barely turn on our computer. When I talk about our computer his normal reply is, "Why did we get that thing anyway?". This is a man who is proud of his Country/Western cassette tape collection and was thrilled when he purchased a truck a few years ago that had a tape player! He is a dork - but oh what a total hottie. Lips that don't quit I tell ya!

I have a friend who blogs, but you will see that his blogs are mostly about world adventures and endless travel. I live in a small NorCal town. And while my life is good, there seems to be no more endless travel in my immediate future. Damn my 8-5 personal hell!

My girlfriend turned me onto - and this is the true inspiration for wanting to blog/rant/host my own bitch-fest 2005. If you've never read, stop reading this instant and go! She is hilarious, charming, intelligent and I am a ADDICT! Long live Heather Armstrong!!!

I should start by saying that I like to curse. I'm a bad girl, a freak and I will not be censored! So with that said... Can anyone tell me the logic behind issuing those dumb-ass super saver cards from grocery stores? They'll give one to ANYONE, so what's so special about 'em? Why not just lower your fucking prices and be done with it!?