Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Help. This cubicle is sucking my brain dry. I am sitting here, staring out over the westside hills, listening to - are ya ready for this shit!? - Ray Parker Jr's Ghostbusters on the radio, looking for any blunt object with which to stab myself. Visions of ice cold beer, cool water, warm sand and hot skin dancing in my head. I tell ya, a constant 72 degrees is no way to spend your summer days. You combine that with the fact that I have to talk to an unlimited number of morons each day and it's a lethal combo.

"Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge. I'm tryin' not to lose my head. he-he he he..."


Blogger Annie said...

Dre, I feel for you and for myself since I can completely relate..;) My boss is the sweatiest man alive, if that's even a word and keeps it at a cool 63 degrees in the office. Today, it's a little chillier than usual and it's about 60 degrees in here. His birthday was yesterday and the 4 other people in our office, it's a small team, were going to get him a tiny fan for his ass. He's constantly complaining that it's too hot and if he doesn't keep it cold in here he'll slide off his chair.

I too am longing to frolick in the sun outside. I miss summer vacations and what happened to recess. I really think that adults should have this time off, even more than kids. And I'm definitely a fan of the European way - 6 weeks paid vacation. Dre, let's start our own county with summer vacations, recess, hot men in togas giving massages and an ice cold keg of beer and a stand selling fruity drinks on the endless sandy beaches. Ah....

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