Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I *heart* Green Day

I believe them to be the most kick-ass band around. For me to tell you that I love them would be the understatement of the year. My sister and I saw them Sept 24th at SBC Park in SF - it was fucking awesome! A sold-out crowd of 40,000+ and we were 20 yds from the stage! Wake Me Up When September Ends?... No thank you! This is a dream I never want to awake from! Thanks, Josie, for such a fun night - you truly are the BEST!!

I tried like HELL to get tix for the Warfield show Oct 13th, with no luck. That, my friends, is the disappointment of a LIFETIME. Can't talk about it right now.

I am very thankful, though, for the memories I have from the numerous times I have seen them in the past 16 years. I have loved them for more than half of my life. I have seen them many, many times at the old Cotati Cabaret and at the old Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma - before I was even old enough to drive. I remember at one show in Cotati, my best girlfriend, Amy, was in love with Billie Joe. She was too shy to talk to him, so I walked up to him after the show. He talked, I blushed and gushed. I remember she got so mad at me! Back in 1997, another girlfriend, Cristina, and I saw them at the Fillmore in SF. We were all charged up after spending the evening drinking beer and getting pierced (I'll never tell...). We dropped into The Boom Boom Room, owned by the late great Blues legend John Lee Hooker, and who do we see sitting at the bar sipping a brew? Tre Cool! I walked up to him and asked for his autograph. Neither one of us had a piece of paper, so I pulled out a $5 bill. He was reluctant to sign on the bill, asking if I had anything smaller. He finally signed and slapped a Nimrod sticker over Lincoln's face. I proudly tucked the memento away and eventually gave it to my sister. (Hey, Josie, do ya still have that!?)

It's been one month since the concert at SBC and I've been thinking this entire time about what I could write that would accurately describe the emotion and ecstasy we experienced that night at SBC. There simply are no words - none in my limited vocabulary anyway. I am simply reduced to a giddy, lustful teenager whenever I see and/or hear them. Long live Green Day. Yes, I am a dork.


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