Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ho Ho Ho!

Normally I would be Scrooge McDuck this time of year. This year, however, I am all warm and fuzzy inside and I can't really figure out why. It could be that my sad, little prunes for ovaries are squeezing out every last egg possible, (hopefully) preparing me for all of the Christmas crap I will have to endure once we have children. I've sent out our cards, finished all of my shopping and - are you sitting down? - we even have a tree this year!! Adam and I have lived together for about four years now, and this is our first tree. Granted we cursed at each other during most of the trimming, but alas, it is quite beautiful, and I love being home in our warm, glowing living room.

There are still a few things I cannot stand about this time of year though. I will list them for you now to prove that I have not yet gone soft.

  1. People cannot drive for shit. It's like you've removed all of the stop signs and are driving blindfolded. Turn your fucking headlights on and watch the road.
  2. Christmas music. 99% of it sucks ass. While shopping, it infiltrates my brain. When I catch myself singing or humming along to the jingles in the store, I want to stab myself, and sometimes even those around me.
  3. Christmas sweaters, vests, earrings, etc. I don't think I have to elaborate on this one. It's just annoying. (Note: decorative lapel pins and socks are ok)

No, but seriously, I really do feel blessed, and I know that I truly have nothing to complain about in life. I love my husband, I have a wonderfully supportive family and friends that are out of this world. I've traveled to numerous countries, never been hungry and have never been without. So if the same goes for you, why not give something to those less fortunate?

I hope all of you enjoy a healthy, peaceful & joyous holiday with your loved ones... Here's to a kick-ass 2006!