Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy 2006

2006 is here... and with a new year comes all those damn resolutions. Every year my list seems to be getting longer and longer. What used to be, "Lose 10 lbs" is now, "Lose 50, you fucking fat-ass!" I gotta do it. I just cannot get any larger. I have definitely exceeded any and every maximum I've ever put in place for myself. If I were to get pregnant - good god - I don't want to think about how wide and flat my ass would get. I've heard girls say that they actually will forget to eat. How the hell can you forget to eat!?!? I awake in the morning and my first thought plans out every meal and every possible snack for the day. I literally fantasize about what yummy dinner and what scrumptious dessert I will make - then devour. I know, I know that's really bad. So if you see me, and I'm grumpy, you'll know why. I'm going through cheese and alcohol withdrawals. Watch out.


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