Friday, August 11, 2006

Holy uninspired. I do apologize, although I am not sure to whom I am apologizing. I honestly do not think I have an "audience". Lots of things have been going on this summer, I'm not sure why I haven't posted in oh so long. One reason is that the only time I have to post is at work, and I am a bit paranoid about doing that since we've all recently had to sign our lives - essentially our jobs - away , stating that we understand that using the internet for non-work related purposes is a VIOLATION! and could cause us to lose our job. And since one of us at home needs to have gainful employment, I should cease this post immediately.

I do love you all, and I am collecting material in my head, at my own pace, for your reading enjoyment. Thanks for your patience. Love to you all, dre


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