Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things Annoying Me These Days...

Yesterday as I waiting in the doctor's office for over an hour - before even being seen! - these few additional tidbits came to mind:
  1. TV and print-ads for cat food that make it appear delicious. Uh hello, ad-execs, I'm not the one eating it! Don't make it look appetizing to me, that's just gross.
  2. Spaetzle. I have NO idea why this side dish is trendy. I mean who really prefers fucking spaetzle over say a baked potato or a side of pasta anyways? I don't want to know you.
  3. Bitches at their respective workplaces. I'm pretty sure you're paid to do your job and be nice about it. At least I am, or do a good job pretending to be.

Thank you. I feel much better getting that out. :)


Blogger Cynthia said...

You crack me up... I must agree with you on the third one.. Yes people are paid to be nice to me when I enter a place of business so damn it be NICE!!

4:32 PM  

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